Wednesday, July 7, 2010

50 Blessed Years

Just returned from celebrating my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary in the Smoky Mountains. My sister, brother and I wanted to surprise them with something special and a trip back to the place where we spent several family vacations when we were kids seemed the most obvious choice! We stayed in a fabulous cabin with a view of the mountains near Pidgeon Forge. We went to Gatlinburg, up into the mountains and over to Cherokee. Our memories of Cherokee were considerably different than what we found when we arrived there though. It was virtually a ghost town, seems a nearby casino and the growth of Pidgeon Forge and Galtinburg had stolen it's glory. We were hoping to take some pictures with the local Indians like we had as children, but there were none to be found. No worries though. Indians or no, we had a wonderful time and the mountains are just as beautiful as they ever were. That will never change. We shopped, we ate, we saw a fantastic show and we ziplined!! We crammed everything we could into that 5 days. But most importantly we celebrated a union that has been blessed by God for 50 loving years. We should all be so lucky! Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!! We LOVE you dearly!

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