Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"Date Day"

I often joke about Mr HS and I being attached at the hip even after 29 years of marriage. We genuinely enjoy every second we spend together, especially since for years he worked two jobs and we saw each other so little. He generally plays golf in the mornings except for Friday because that's DATE DAY! What's funny is that we don't usually do anything terribly exciting or out of the ordinary. It may just be running to Steinmart for him a new golf shirt(or hat), maybe stopping by Bed Bath and Beyond to say hello to our daughter, and almost always "cheating" and eating wings and m&m's, (he always gives me all the green ones cause I like them the best). But regardless, it's our day to enjoy together. I'm so grateful for the relationship that we have, and I truly can't imagine my life without him. I hope you have someone that gives you all the green m&m's, that always puts your needs and desires above his own, and is still attached to your hip. After all those years...

Thursday, June 17, 2010


My invisifriend (customer who I feel I know but have never met) Robyn suggested something to me the other day that I really feel could benefit my customers. She told me that because of the economy and budgets being tight for everyone that a friend of hers who sells handbags, etc. at a local market has started offering layaway. Now, I have to admit...offering layaway had never crossed my mind. But the more I thought about it the more I thought why not??? We all know that when money's tight jewelry probably isn't going to make it onto the "must buy this week" list. After can't eat it, and though it may sparkle (and it does), it won't power the lights or keep the washing machine spinning. You can't put it in your gas tank, and it won't keep the golf channel streaming 24/7 into your living room. And though some of us like to think it's a neccesity, it probably isn't. Probably. Soooooooo...if there is something that's calling your name. Loudly. And you feel you MUST have it, here are the terms....
1) 30% down
2) Balance to be pd no later than 45 days from date of deposit
3) If balance is not paid within 45 days, deposit will be forfeited

If you enter into a layaway contract, please understand that it is binding and that you are in agreement with these terms.
I really hope this will benefit awesome customers! I'd love to make it easier for you all to have some of the things you love and also make it easier to shop for gifts as it gets closer to Christmas. Let me know what you think...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Softball Scorcher

Spend yesterday in the scorchin Texas heat watching some of the players that take hitting lessons from my hubby. I don't do that much anymore...when my two girls retired from the ranks of competitive softball a few yrs back I swore my days of sitting in the 102 degree heat all day were over unless there were waves lapping beside me and the smell of coconut oil floating in the air. But it means I get to spend time with some of the college coaches out recruiting that just happen to be dear old friends and hang out with my sweet husband, so everything has it's advantages right???

Thursday, June 10, 2010

CoCo's Confections

I put my jewelry aside for the day to spend some time with my daughter doing what she likes to do. Unfortunately for me there are lots of calories involved, but we had fun nontheless. We're trying to decide though, how one could do this for a living (in other words...daily) without gaining massive amounts of weight??? I know it takes much trial and error to get good at "confections" but my hearts desire is that she could have a small business doing what gives her joy. Practice my dear, practice. And let roy do the tasting....

Vintage Creations

I was asked by my friend Mandie to create some pieces for her using several odds and ends that belonged to her grandmother. These were items that otherwise probably never would have been worn by her, and it's my job to make them into something not only meaningful, but wearable. I've come to have a special fondness for this kind of work, as I love the challenge and it's wonderful to see someone so thrilled over actually being able to wear something that has such sentimental value to them. If you have trinkets of old jewelry that hold a special place in your heart and you'd like to be able to put them to use...let me know and I'll see what I can do! These are a few of the items I'm using in the first necklace...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day Two

Well...I'm consistant so far! Two days. two posts, yay me! I was thinking back this morning on a trip to Annapolis I took with my brother a few years back. He wanted to attend a boat show he'd been stalking for some time and I was more than happy to go along with him. Probably the strongest bond I have with my brother is our shared love for the ocean and anything having to do with it. It was a typical drizzely New England weekend, and there was definately a chill in the air...but I have to say that even though I hate cold weather I loved every minute of this trip. I hadn't looked at the photos in a long time till this morning and they brought back such fun memories for me that I thought I'd share the slideshow above with you. May you experience many oceans and be aboard many boats in your future...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Texas Themed Jewelry

I'm having fun with the new "Texas" Collection! I've been wanting do do these for a while and finally got my hands a pendant that I really like! Let me know what you think!

A New Beginning

I resisted the urge for months now to make a serious attempt at blogging, telling myself that I didn't really need to commit to "one more thing" considering I'm not all that good at using my time as affectively as I should anyway. But I have to say, I've been blessed to have made some wonderful new friends lately who are very good at the whole "blogging" scene and they have inspired me in such a way that I think maybe, just maybe, I might have something to offer. So as the saying goes..."we'll see". Thank you to all of the "creative ladies"...yall ROCK and you motivate me in an awesome way. I think God has great plans for us!