Thursday, June 10, 2010

CoCo's Confections

I put my jewelry aside for the day to spend some time with my daughter doing what she likes to do. Unfortunately for me there are lots of calories involved, but we had fun nontheless. We're trying to decide though, how one could do this for a living (in other words...daily) without gaining massive amounts of weight??? I know it takes much trial and error to get good at "confections" but my hearts desire is that she could have a small business doing what gives her joy. Practice my dear, practice. And let roy do the tasting....


  1. I will sacrifice and volunteer to do some tasting!!!

  2. Yay, thanks!! If we all weighed 95 pounds, we woudn't have to worry about how much tasting we were doing would we? LOL

  3. Yay! I have 10 people following me around! lol