Saturday, September 11, 2010

Better Late than Never!

I'm probably the LAST PERSON on earth to jump on the dollar store hurricane/apothecary bandwagon, but as they say...better late then never right? I luuuv me a good dollar store and anything even resembling a dollar store, so I was thrilled when one opened right up the street from me. And as of a couple of weeks ago I have my very own Goodwill Store! Woohoo...what more could a girl want???? Maybe a heeuuuge junk/flea market? OK...back to my hurricanes. These were fun to make, but will probably be the extent of my "fall" decorating as I'm more of a Christmas girl...always have been. So, you will probably see these again in a couple of months filled with Christmas goodies! Enjoy...
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  1. No, your not the last person! I've had the candlesticks and hurricanes from the Dollar store sitting around for a while waiting to get put together. Seeing all your fall goodies in them has me motivated to get-er-done though!